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10 Summer Skin Care Tips (Part Two)

10 Summer Skin Care Tips (Part Two)

10 Summer Skin Care Tips – (Part Two)

Summer’s in full swing and whether at the beach or by the pool, we all want to look our best. With this in mind, we have some great tips to help keep your skin healthy, brighter and smooth.


1. Exfoliate: In the summer, oily build up on the face is very common due to our increased perspiration during the hotter months. So exfoliate more frequently than normally to ensure a clear complexion. For normal to dry skin I recommend Eminence’s Pear & Poppy Microderm Polisher, as the granules are larger and more effective than some exfoliators and allows for a more vigorous exfoliation.


2.Peel, Peel, Peel: Pores look more obvious in hot, humid weather. And if your exfoliation at home isn’t enough, why not get a peel? There are varying degrees of depths to choose from. So discuss what’s best for you with your skin care therapist. Just make sure to use sunscreen religiously afterwards!


3.Wash those make up brushes: As previously mentioned skin is oilier during the summer months, using dirty make up brushes on your face can cause bacteria and oil to get caught within the bristles resulting in clogged pores and breakouts. So wash your brushes regularly. Simply hold under the faucet, wash with a gentle shampoo until it lathers a little and then rinse really well. Dry flat, ideally in the sun light as the UV rays destroy bacteria.


4. Wax it off: Whether you’re thinking of wearing summer dresses or going to the beach, you don’t want any unsightly hair spoiling your look. Waxing (removing the hair from the root) allows all the hairs in one area to revert simultaneously to the earliest part of the growth cycle called the anagen phase; the earliest stage of hair growth. Once all the hair is in the same growth cycle you can go for up to 6 weeks between waxing appointments. It’s also less irritating and less time consuming than shaving. Small areas of waxing such as brow, lip and underarm are not that painful and become less so over time. Why not give it a try?


5. Be aware of sun sensitivity: If you are taking prescription medication, ensure that you check the labels to see if they affect your body’s reaction to the sun and heat, or ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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