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Blooming Massage Therapy
Whether you need to relax, relieve aching muscles or require regular treatment for an injury, we have a personalized, Blooming Massage Therapy that will help you achieve your desired results.

Swedish, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Prenatal or Neuromuscular Therapies
60 mins – $85
75 mins – $105
90 mins – $125

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Bamboo Massage
Bamboo Massage is an innovative way to provide Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage using heated bamboo sticks to roll and knead the tissue to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being. The heated bamboo sticks are used to soothe tension, relieve tight muscles and trigger points.
60 mins – $99
75 mins – $120

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Salt & Oil Scrub & Blooming Massage Therapy
If your skin looks tired and grey and could benefit from increased circulation, then this treatment is perfect for you. Dead Sea salts, known for their therapeutic properties, are combined with organic oils to leave your skin, soft and smooth. This exfoliation treatment is complemented by a 60 minute Blooming Massage Therapy of your choice.
85 minutes – $125

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Bloom Body Cocoon
The Body Cocoon is entirely customizable; whether you’re looking for Relaxation, Detoxification or Renewal. First the body is brushed to encourage lymphatic flow and cell regeneration. Then you are gently exfoliated with an invigorating scrub. This is followed by the cocoon, consisting of nurturing elements harvested from the earth and oceans, chosen to suit your individual needs. Next, while still cocooned, experience a relaxing scalp treatment. Finally, after a shower, a body cream is applied to seal in the moisture. Altogether, a most satisfying experience!
Choose from Relaxation, Detoxification or Renewal
80 minutes – $125

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Enhance any of your body treatments with one of the following:
Scalp Treatment – $20
Reflexology – $20
Nap – $15

Hungarian Moor Mud Treatment
Feeling tense? Let the healing properties of organic Hungarian Moor Mud penetrate to soothe those aching muscle. This wonderfully therapeutic enhancement can be experienced without extending the treatment time.
Enhancement – $20


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