Benefits of B12

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Benefits of B12

Vitamin B12 injections are becoming very popular these days. There are quite a few reasons for this. An injection is the most efficient way for the body to absorb B12. All B vitamins are available in injection form, as are many other vitamins; but, as sufficient quantities of B12 may not be absorbed through food or even dietary supplements, injection is the most effective delivery method. Age, health, digestive issues and prescription medications are all potential barriers to B12 absorption.

When our bodies absorb B12 from eating protein, a digestive enzyme called pepsin pulls it away from the protein. A binding protein then attaches to it to protect it and transport it to the small intestine. It is in the small intestine that intrinsic factors takes it from the binding protein and puts it in the bloodstream. If any of your digestion is ill or unhealthy, you will not absorb it. As people age digestion slows down as well as pepsin production therefore making B12 difficult to absorb. Normal blood tests can show B12 levels. Ask your Doctor if you’d like to know.

B12 calms the nerves in both the mind and body; it increases metabolism for weight loss and stamina for exercise. Some symptoms that benefit from B12 injections are slowed metabolism, fatigue, insomnia, worry, memory loss, numbness or tingling such as neuropathy, digestive issues such as acid reflux, depression, mood swings and anxiety. People who have vegetarian diets, are over 50, take any antacids of any kind, anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds, or under consistent stress are good candidates.

At Bloom Organics we offer B12 Injections using Methylcobaliman which is a high quality, highly absorbable B12, administered by our Acupuncture Physician, Rita Anderson.

One B12 shot should last about a month. Those with a chronic B12 deficiency may benefit from weekly shots initially to build up their B12 levels.

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