Get Ready to be Smooth!

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Get Ready to be Smooth!

Summer is almost here! Let’s get ready to hit the beach!

Waxing is one of several options for hair removal. If done properly the results can last up to six weeks and should be safe. However, not all waxing providers are created equal.

To be a safe waxing service, cleanliness is of the utmost importance. During waxing, the hair is pulled out at the root. At this point you can be susceptible to infection. In order for it to be a safe and sanitary experience, there are a few precautions your therapist should take. If these practices are not being followed, be sure to ask why.

Do not double dip!

“Double dipping” is a term used for the re-dipping of the same wooden spatula which has made contact with the skin into the same wax pot more than once. This highly unsanitary habit exposes the entire pot of wax to possible contamination from the previous client, putting all following clients at risk for infection. At Bloom Organics Day Spa, the therapists will only ever use one clean applicator per swipe.

Sterilize metal implements in an autoclave

If the hair is not in the same growth cycle, and some hairs are short and cannot be fully gripped by the wax, the therapist may have to tweeze. Or if the hair is too long to be waxed (this may cause more pain), the therapist will have to use scissors to trim the hair. All metal tweezers or scissors should be sterilized in a medical autoclave. There is a difference between disinfection and sterilization. According to CIDESCO terminology, sterilization is the “complete killing or total removal of micro-organisms of all kinds”. This can only be achieved with either heat (moist heat at 121˚C or dry heat at 160˚C) or ultraviolet light or gamma radiation. Disinfection or sanitation are terms applied to “differing degrees of removal of pathogens”. This is done with barbicide but does not kill all pathogens. It is a superficial and faster way to clean.

At Bloom Organics Day Spa, all metal implements used in all treatments are sterilized in a medical autoclave for your safety.

Therapist must wear gloves

This is a hygiene practice that is of importance to both, you and the therapist. Nails are a hotbed of bacteria, and any germs on hands can easily be transferred to the skin and vice versa. An open wound on the skin of either the therapist of the client being waxed, can expose the other to infection. The wearing of gloves, therefore, should be mandatory to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for waxing.

Make sure that when you are being waxed this summer season your therapist follows all of the above guidelines.

If you have any questions on safe and clean waxing practices, please do not hesitate to contact one of the therapists at Bloom Organics Day Spa & Boutique on 941-362-4194.[/fusion_text][/one_full][section_separator divider_candy=”” icon=”” icon_color=”” bordersize=”1px” bordercolor=”” backgroundcolor=”” class=”” id=””]

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