Long, Luscious Lashes, Naturally…

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Long, Luscious Lashes, Naturally…

Let’s face it: we all want fuller, longer lashes. And many women will do whatever it takes to get them, including spending time and money on tinting, thickening, lengthening mascaras even eyelash extensions. In recent times there have been a lot of ‘miracle growth’ eyelash extension formulas in the press, but they are often accompanied by irritation and other side-effects. However, there is now a natural alternative causing a flutter: it’s called Lashfood.

Lashfood is an ECOcert certified natural, eyelash stimulant with herb extracts that promises longer, thicker and darker lashes. The formula of Biotin (essential vitamins) and Arginine (Natural Amino Acids) and Iris extract (Natural Oriental Medicine Complex Extracts) promote the natural growth of healthy lashes.

It is applied like an eyeliner; brushing it onto the root of clean lashes or brows while avoiding the eye area. It is recommended to be used twice a day – morning and night. Being a water-based product, you can use it on both natural lashes and eyelash extensions.

Results will vary with each person and the makers say that you will start to notice a difference, usually within 2-3 weeks.  In my case, it took around four weeks to see a real, noticeable improvement. (Although that could be explained by other factors, like my age.)

As it starts to work, your lashes will start to appear darker and thicker with increased length. Full results can be expected within 2-3 months as long as you keep up with the recommended application. According to an independent study, 85% of users noticed an improvement in eyelash fullness, 100% of users noticed an improvement in eyelash length and 100% of users noticed improvement in eyelash density but 0% noticed irritation. This is important, as some of the other eyelash growth products on the market can cause irritation that lasts for several days.

What I also like about it is that it is vegan and cruelty free.

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