Essential Oxygen & the Skin

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Essential Oxygen & the Skin

Oxygen is essential for life. For humans, animals and plants. Molecular oxygen comprises 21% of the atmosphere, 89% of seawater by weight and at least 47% of the earth’s crust. So is it any wonder that it is amazing for skin too? In order to explain why it is so beneficial, we will have to talk a little science.

The cellular energy that is essential for life is known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Up to 90% of the total ATP that the body relies on to sustain life is manufactured in the mitochondria of each cell. The mitochondria can be thought of as small factories that manufacture ATP for the purpose of providing this energy for the cell. The cell then uses this energy to carry out whatever function it was intended to.

Studies indicate that by the time we reach the age of 60, our ability to manufacture ATP will have depleted by nearly half. Although there are many factors at work in the process of aging, it is generally recognized that our inability to produce an adequate level of base energy in the form of ATP, which allows our cells to repair and regenerate, is at the core of the aging process.

Mitochondria require three vital components to maximize the production of ATP: essential fatty acids (EFA’s); an energy source such as microcurrent or LED; and, of course, oxygen. Mitochondria based ATP production requires the body to work really hard. Therefore, the more of these components you make available to the mitochondria, the better and more effectively they function.

The result is more cellular energy that fuels every part of the human body.

So having said all that, what does oxygen actually do in the skin?

  1. Reduces redness
  2. Stimulates collagen and elastin production
  3. Enhances antibacterial activity – reduces acne
  4. Inhibits the oxidative degradation of lipids – fights free radicals
  5. Rehydrates skin

The Bio-Oxygen Facial Treatment not only increases the oxygen intake of the skin but also the oxygen helps infuse additional beneficial products into the skin, like serums or masks. Therefore, combining or ‘layering’ oxygen treatments with other products makes it possible to entirely customize treatments for clients with wide-ranging concerns like rosacea, acneic and aging skin.

The treatment is safe for sensitive skin and gives the face an instant pick-me-up, which is why it has a reputation in Hollywood as the ‘must have’ facial before a red carpet event. As an added benefit, oxygen is soothing and accelerates healing, so it can also be helpful after more aggressive work, like chemical peels or laser treatments.

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