To Moisturize at Night or Not…

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To Moisturize at Night or Not…

This must be the question I have been asked most over the years. The philosophy at Bloom Organics Day Spa is holistic beauty through nature and science. Contrary to popular belief, knowledge of science is very important in skin care. At least to serious practitioners. The more knowledge we have, the more informed choices we make and the better we can work to improve skin health.

For example, most traditional night creams are water in oil emulsion bases. However, the Bloom philosophy is that in an ideal world, we don’t want to put any oil based products on the skin at night. The reason is that during the day the skin cells are dormant. During the night they do all the work. But, if there is an oil-based product on the skin, the surface of the skin and the skin cells subsequently communicate. And the message is: you don’t have to do any work because the surface of the skin is sufficiently emollient. If this is done long term, the skin cells become ‘lazy’ and your skin will become product dependent.

Instead, at night, use a serum or other water based product, such as an ampoule or toner. The ingredients will penetrate deeper and the skin cells will work as nature intended. There are, of course, some exceptions to the rule. Living in Florida, many people sleep with the AC on. If you have genuinely dry skin and the AC on (this also applies to heating if you live in a colder climate – they are both dehydrating) you may need a night time moisturizer while you are in the process of improving your skin health. However, eventually, you will also be able to only use a water based product at night. Also, if you travel frequently, especially across time zones, a night time moisturizer is necessary as the bio-rhythms of the skin will be out of sync. In these cases, select a light moisturizer with plenty of nutrients.

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