How Often Should I Have a Facial?

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How Often Should I Have a Facial?

Receiving a routine facial should be part of everyone’s skin care program and skin care plan. However, there isn’t a universal recipe for everyone – one size doesn’t fit all. Determining the frequency of routine facials depends on a number of factors.

The reason why the same prescription doesn’t work for everyone is because there are a number of variables which influence frequency. Including: skin type, age, expectations, lifestyle & environment.

It takes 28 days for the skin cells to regenerate; to rise from the bottom of the epidermis to the top of the epidermis. That means it takes 28 days to complete a full life cycle of a skin cell. As a matter of fact, as we age this cell cycle continuously lengthens. So the general rule of thumb is that a routine facial should be performed every three to four weeks. The facial treatment will aid the process of regeneration and keep your skin healthy, clean and clear.

Therefore, Three to four weeks helps you to stay on top of everything.

Acne prone skin

If you are suffering from frequent breakouts, and you are starting a new skin care program, your skin care therapist may suggest that you have a facial every other week. This will allow the skin care therapist to clear your skin and actively treat the blackheads, pimples and oily skin. Once the skin is healthier, you may return to the general rule of three to four weeks between treatments.

Aging skin

Mature skin faces a great variety of challenges, which are discussed in a previous blog, entitled ‘How to prevent wrinkles, Parts 1 & 2.” In order to address these you may need more frequent facials but this will depend entirely on your expectations and lifestyle. Someone who has smoked for 35 years will take longer to regain healthy luminous skin than someone who has been on a vegetarian diet, never smoked and does yoga twice a week. Also the types of facials may vary and may need precise frequencies specific to the facial type, ie series of CACI.


If you are looking to correct fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, skin texture, etc. then you will need to make more of a commitment than if you just want to clear the skin once a month to keep it clean and healthy. Corrective treatments are more frequent in nature.

Short on time?

Even though you may have the best intentions to take care of your skin, but can’t find the time or have budget restraints. So if you’re unable to make it in for a facial treatment every four weeks, I would recommend having a facial treatment at least once a quarter as the season’s change. Each season has its own challenges for skin so coming in once a season, will enable you and your skin care therapist to professionally treat the skin and prepare it for the elements. Even here in Florida there are noticeable changes. In the summer the humidity can lead to breakouts, high temperatures can cause sun damage and the air conditioning can cause dehydration. During the winter months, which have effects on the skin.

Can I have too many facials?

Yes! At the spa we frequently encounter clients who have come to us who have had either too many facial treatments or have had treatments that were unsuitable for them. Having too many facials can definitely damage the skin. So unless you and your therapist are treating a specific concern, receiving a facial every two weeks could negatively affect the skin.

During your next facial treatment, discuss your ideal skin care management plan with your skin care therapist to achieve the maximum results and ensure you are on the same page!


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