Take Control and Beat Stress!

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Take Control and Beat Stress!

National Stress Awareness Month

The month of April is set aside to increase awareness and educate people about stress and its potential impact on all our lives.

While we cannot avoid stress altogether—stress is, of course, an important early warning system for the body—we can take measures to reduce the impact of chronic stress and better prepare ourselves to deal with the stress at hand.

Breath – Sounds simple enough, but it is surprising how often we are constricting our oxygen intake with shallow breathing. When you feel stress creep in or begin to feel overwhelmed, step away for a moment and take a few big, slow, deep breaths. Your body and mind will thank you.

Get Moving – Yep, by just moving you are relieving stress, and regular exercise will help your body in more ways than one. With physical activity you increase your feel-good endorphins and these enhance your overall sense of well-being. By getting up and moving, you increase mental focus and you are giving yourself permission to let that stress go while you exercise.

Laugh – Humor can help melt away stress and bring a positive vibe to your day. Laughter actually helps to cool down your stress response. So go to a comedy club or watch a funny movie with family or friends.

Get Connected – You may typically be a social butterfly, but stress can make even the friendliest person want to wrap themselves in cotton wool. If you feel like this, take a moment to give a friend a call or schedule a time to meet with someone you can talk to. Often if we just need to escape the stress for a bit. Later we can come back feeling refreshed and in a better state-of-mind to deal with things.

Visit the Spa – Spa treatments, including facials, are proven to help reduce stress. Massage helps improve circulation and reduces blood pressure. Less easy to quantify is the power of the healing touch, the serene spa atmosphere and all the little touches that are all designed to help you relax and de-stress.


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