Healthier, Happier Holidays

//Healthier, Happier Holidays

Healthier, Happier Holidays

As we approach the holidays—traditionally a time of over-indulgence—the wellness aspect of the spa experience is more important than ever.

Holistic skin care means looking at the person as a whole. This process includes looking at one’s lifestyle & health and utilizing the body’s own natural systems to help achieve the desired result.

Spa goers look for different things from their experience. Some are looking for relaxation; some are looking for anti-aging; some are looking for preventative wellness in a climate where healthcare costs for chronic conditions can be very expensive. Others are looking for healing.

Of course, Bloom Organics Day Spa is about all of these things. We try to create an atmosphere that is friendly, calm and re-energizing. It is possible to have stress relieving massage, a customized facial treatment or a full day of renewal. There are also our membership programs, which promote preventative wellness, by offering discounted monthly treatments.

Bloom Organics is different from most spas. First of all, the most important message to convey is that what you put on your skin can easily enter your bloodstream. Most conventional spas use skin care lines that include potentially harmful or chemical ingredients, like parabens, petroleum derived ingredients, propylene glycol and many more. All of the products used at Bloom Organics, for face, body & hair are natural, organic and/or biodynamic.

The products for sale in the boutique are the same ones we use in our spa treatments and, yes, we all use them at home too! Bloom Organics is partners with Dr.Hauschka & Éminence Organic Skin Care, whose exceptional product ranges are both pure and results oriented. We also carry jane iredale makeup.

Mainstream skin care companies can only treat skin topically. A spa, on the other hand, can approach a specific concern from a holistic viewpoint, meaning that, if a client has acne, the skin is not treated in isolation, but as an integral part of the body.

Acne has many causes: it can be bacterial, hormonal or it can be related to diet or other lifestyle factors. Of course, the concern is treated topically, and a good skin care routine is the foundation on which everything else is built; but it is important to identify the root cause of the problem and then help the client address that.

In other cases, a variety of tools & techniques, such as lymphatic drainage or Acupuncture & TCM, can also be employed alongside the skin care program to help treat the whole person.

In essence, we try to educate our clients about natural alternatives to mainstream skin care and cosmetic products and help them see that the skin is often a reflection of other issues that need to be addressed in their lives, such as stress. It’s not about using the latest trendiest skin care products but about taking the responsibility to research what goes into your body and leading a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Call 941 362 4194 to schedule a consultation with a spa therapist to see how we can help you.

Happy Holidays!

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