Is Your Body Taking Out the Trash?

//Is Your Body Taking Out the Trash?

Is Your Body Taking Out the Trash?

It’s New Year and everyone wants to detox. Detoxification—which is basically, cleaning your blood, and, therefore, cleaning your body’s systems—can also really help improve your skin. Obviously, it’s about cleaning from the inside out by removing toxins. But, detox rituals don’t have to be just a New Year thing. They can be worked into everyday life — they don’t have to be a chore and can benefit us all year round. So here are some simple detox practices you can ease into your busy schedule.

Stop & breathe deeply -allow the oxygen to be absorbed! A few minutes a day will make a difference. Even better, if you can learn to slow your breathing right down to four breathes a minute, which is the basis for many mindfulness meditation practices, it will help relieve stress, increase your ability to concentrate and generally feel happier.

Remove toxins from your body & skin care and environment. Replace your household cleaners with chemical -free alternatives. Look at your skin and body care. How many damaging, toxic chemicals do you really want circulating in your body?

Diet – eat lots of fiber, which you can find in fresh organic fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli, beets or whole grains, such as brown rice. Drink green tea and add vitamin C to your diet – it helps the body produce a compound that repels toxins. Eat seaweed, spirulina and chlorella – they’re actually detoxifying!

Drink water! I can’t say it often enough! It helps to flush toxins out. Choose mineral water over filtered.

Dry skin brushing – before the shower take a body brush and brush your dry skin upwards towards the heart. You don’t have to do it with a lot of pressure to increase circulation and lymphatic flow. Do this every morning.

Reduce stress – stress causes the body to release stress hormones which create toxins and slow down enzymes in the liver. Try yoga or meditation, take up a hobby, go for a walk with your loved one on the beach or have a massage. Massage increases your circulation and lymphatic flow and it is a great detoxification medium.

Exercise – not only is sweating a great way to expel toxins, exercise also releases endorphins which make you feel good. And what could be better than that!

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