7 Tips on How to Spa

//7 Tips on How to Spa

7 Tips on How to Spa

Here are some tips to make your spa experience just that little bit more amazing:

  1. Arrive early

If this is your first time at Bloom Organics Day Spa, please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time. There will be paperwork to be completed. Take a seat, have some refreshing spa water or a hot cup of tea and simply breathe.

Even if you are a regular guest at Bloom Organics Day Spa, come a few minutes early and just relax….

  1. Make up or no make up?

For facial appointments, your skin care therapist doesn’t mind if you are wearing make up as she will be able to remove it. The only thing I would say, though, is that you have a certain time allotted to you for your reservation. If it takes your skin care therapist 7 minutes to remove the make up that will be 7 minutes in your facial treatment that she will not be able to spend on actually treating the skin. So, personally, I always attend my appointments with clean fresh skin myself.

  1. Do I need a face massage?

For massage appointments, it only matters if you request your therapist to massage your face. As a SOP we do not massage the face. At Bloom Organics Day Spa, we adhere to the Dr Hauschka philosophy that the facial muscles and attachments are fragile. Vigorous massage will inevitably stretch the attachment which, unlike muscles, cannot bounce back easily. Thus, we offer a Facial Massage Enhancement at your request, but do not include it attempting to prevent aging a little more.

  1. Will I have to get naked?

Many people do get completely undressed for massage. However you don’t have to. And you certainly don’t have to for facial treatments. Your comfort is most important, so whatever you feel appropriate is fine.

  1. How much do I tip?

Tipping is more than appreciated. Generally, guests tip between 15-20%. If the service was average 15% is normal but if your therapist went

  1. Let us know what you want!

Please let us know if you are too hot, if the music is too loud, if the table is too warm… Please let us know so we can make your spa experience the best it can be.

  1. Switch your cell phone to ‘silent’

Y’know what? You even have permission to switch it off completely! Some time away from your cell phone will certainly help recharge your batteries; but, the main reason to ‘turn on silence’ is out of courtesy to your fellow guests. The spa is a quiet place of relaxation & calm to allow time for renewal of both body and mind.



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