Our Team Of Experts

Tiffany Fradley

Licensed Massage Therapist
Tiffany Fradley, our Licensed Massage Therapist and an Ayurvedic Consultant has been practicing since 2006. She has studied and apprenticed under world renowned Practitioners in the United States and in Mexico with training in ancient Ayurvedic therapies including: Pancha Karma, Tarpana, Shirodhara, & Udvartan. Combining her massage therapy treatments and holistic products, she created Sattva Holistic Health. Her approach to Ayurveda is very applicable, interactive and suited for a Western mind to understand and implement. She believes the best way to learn this form of Ancient Holistic Medicine is to touch, taste, smell and FEEL its benefits. Tiffany’s massage and body treatments use high quality Sattva products made with organic ingredients. She combines a variety of massage techniques into her treatments to create a very customizable, very unique massage experience.